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Microblading & Shading

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Feet treatment

Regular Pedicure

This treatment consists of soaking your feet in the whirlpool pedicure tub, followed by filling, shaping, sugar scrub, cleaning, exfoliating your legs & feet, and a relaxing massage with hot towels & polish of your choice.

Pamper Me Pedicure

Complete relaxation for your feet! Polish is removed and your feet are placed in our whirlpool bath. While you enjoy the heated massaging chairs, our technician begins shaping and buffing nails. We then remove calluses and cuticle work is done. Your feet are then exfoliated with a hydrating sugar scrub. One the sugar scrub is dissolved, then a relaxing 12 min. foot massage with a hot stone, followed by polish.

Spoil Me Pedicure

Word cannot begin to describe this pedicure, but we will try. We remove the polish and have you soak in our whirlpool bath. We then work on your cuticles and remove all calluses .Then a hot stone massage to relax those tired feet. Next comes our exfoliation treatment with sugar scrub, and once dissolved it’s followed by our mask. Finally, our staff then indulges you in a 15 minutes leg and foot massage with a hot stone, followed up with a paraffin dip, and ending with polish. We hope you enjoy it.

Luxury Pedicure Organic Spa

This is one of our top of the line treatment pedicure packages that you are able to receive from us. All of the products used in this treatment are organic where it revitalizes your skin with natural oils and minerals. Each of these sessions comes with the exfoliating sugar scrub that takes away a lot of the dead skin, grime, and dirt off the surface of your legs and feet. Your legs are then wrapped in an organic mask and hot towel where it will cleanse the pores. The feet will be submerged into paraffin wax where your are left to relax while the minerals are absorbed into the skin. Next, a session of hot rocks and hand massage will occur to release the tension in your legs and feet.

*Choices of lotions We have a wide variety of lotions you can choose to use in your treatment. Some available selections are Scents: Lavender, Lemon, Café-Latte, Orange.

Black Charcoal

Specially formulated BLACK CHARCOAL treatment.

+ Shaping, Cuticle, Callus Femove.

+ Detox Purifying Scrub infused with Black Charcoal exfoliates dry skin. Pedi spa Detox by Gena absorbs Impurities and Soothe.

+ Nourishing mask infused with Black Charcoal coats the skin with Luxurious Formula, drawing out deep-dwelling impurities and replenishing the skin with nourishing moisturizes.

+ 15 Minutes Hot Stone Massage, Paraffin included. Specially formulated with Black Charcoal.

+ Pedi Spa Detox emollient cream conditions dry cracked skin and smooths. Add-On: Massage Shoulder 1 minute/$1.

Volcano Spa

+ Massage Shoulder 15’minutes

Step 1: Detox Volcano Crystals

Step 2: Detox Volcano Activator, Shaping, Cuticle, Callus Remove

Step 3: Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

Step 4: Collagen Cream Mask Dry & Hot Towel

Step 5: Collagen Massage Lotion 15 Minutes Hot Stone Massage, Paraffin

+ Scents: Romance, Honey Pearl, Volcano, Green Tea, Lavender, Orange No.5 and Tropical Citruss

Jelly Feet

* Jelly + Feet Massage 10’

* Massage Shoulder 15’minutes

Has all the goodness of luxury organic me pedicure spa with organic supply (Shaping, Cuticle, Sugar Scrub, Mask & Hot Towel, 15 Minutes Hot Stone Massage, Paraffin).

+ Scents: Lavender & Mint, Mandarin & Mango, Lemongrass & Green Tea, Milk & Honey, and White Radiance

Royal Spa

* Collagen Hand Glove + Massage by hand 10'

* Massage Shoulder 20’minutes

+ Shaping, Cuticle, Sugar Scrub, Mask & + Shaping of the nails, cleaning of the cuticle, removing any calluses, leg sugar scrub, mask & hot towel for the legs, paraffin wax for the feet, and 15 Minutes Hot Stone Massage.

Artificial nails servies

Artificial nails servies

Shellac Manicure

Shellac manicure is the new manicure treatment that is superior to traditional nail polish. Its slick, shiny polish look is resistant to smudging and lasts longer. Only available if done by licensed professionals, it only needs to change polish when new growth starts showing. Available with Polish, Manicure, Spoil Me Manicure or French

Solar Manicure

White and pink acrylics that is applied directly to the natural nail to achieve the dual-toned look of a French manicure. Is it also known as pink and white manicure. Available with pink, white, pearl or white tip. Full set or Refill.

French Manicure

An elegant and simple style that accentuate the white tips of nails by applying some coatings.

Extra Services

Nail Repair, Nail Take Off, Extra Color Line, Design, French Gel Coating Polish Change Hands, French

Shellac Nails Full Set

Shellac Polish



New / Fill
Acrylic w/Reg. Polish
$35 / $25
White Tip w/ Clear Overlay
$35 / $25
Acrylic Pink & White
$50 / $45
Acrylic Color Powder Tip
$50 / $40
Acrylic w/ Design Tip
$40 / $35
Acrylic Color Powder
$40 / $25 / $40
Acrylic Gel Polish Color
$45 / $40
Acrylic Gel Polish French
$50 / $45
Fill Pink + Fix 1,
Fill Pink + Fix 2, 3, 4, 5...
Fill P & W + Fix 2, 3, 4...
$5 - $25+
3D Art
$10 - $30+
Take off Powder
Polish change Regular (Hands/Toes)
$8 / $10
Polish change Shellac


The Search Is Over…. DIPPING POWDER is here…. The Next Generation in Nail Enhancement Technology DIPPING POWDER FEEL and LOOK Natural and DO NOT DAMAGE the nail bed.

• Light Weight & Flexible

• Strong & Dura

Whole Color
Pink & White


Manicure w/ Gel Polish
Manicure w/ Gel White Tip
bn1 (1)

MANICURE: Hand Treatment

Classic Manicure

Nail clip, file, buff, cuticle maintenance and a top coat polish with a relaxing hand massage.

Pamper Me Manicure

First, we begin with removing the old polish and shaping the nails. Next, we exfoliate the hands, followed by a hand Mask, Sugar Scrub, lotion and massage 8 minutes then polish

Scents: Lavender, Lemon, CaféLatte, Orange

Spoil Me Manicure

This is a VIP hand treatment. Has all the goodness of pampering my manicure. We then treat your arms and hands to a hot stone massage 12 minutes then polish.

Scents: Lavender, Lemon, CaféLatte, Orange.

Luxury Manicure Spa

This is a Luxurious hand treatment. Has all the goodness of luxury manicure spa with organic supply: Sugar Scrub, Mask & Hot Towel, lotion and15Minutes Hot Stone Massage (hand and Shoulder)

Scents: Lavender & Mint, Mandarin & Mango, Lemongrass & Green Tea, Milk & Honey, and White Radiance



Massage help Relieves Stress, Encourages Relaxation, Improves Posture, Improves Circulation…
Shoulder or Back
$35 - 30'
Hot Stone Reflexology
$65 - 60'
Deep Tissue Reflexology
$70 - 60'
Royal Reflexology
$75 - 60'
Add - on: Detox Mask
Cheese Massage
15 '- $20


* Bronze Package

+ Pamper Me Pedi + Pamper Me Mani

* Silver Package

+ Felly Feet Pedi + Luxury Mani

* Gold Package

+ Jelly Pedi + Luxyry Mani

+ Basic Facial (55 Minutes)

* Royal Package

+ Royal Spa + Luxyry Mani

+ Collagen Facial (70 Minutes)

Luxury Diamond Package

+ Royal Pedi + Luxuxy Mani

+ Anti - Aging Facial (85 Minutes)

* Add-On: Massage Shoulder 10 min: $15*

* Add-On: Jelly + Massage: $10*



Upper Lip
Full Face
$35 & up
Under Arms
$20 & up
Half Arms
$25 & up
Full Arms
$40 & up
Up Legs
$30 & up
Lower Leg
$30 & up
$30 & up
$40 & up
$20 & up


$45 & up
$50 & up


1 BY 3 (Volume)
$50 / $25 & up
1 BY 1 (Evineble)
$150 / $75 & up
Eyebrows tinting treatment with natural henna dye


Eyebrow Tint
Eyelash Tint


Black Head Removal
Facial + Face Massage
$65 (55 min)

Cucumber mask will make skin happy, healthy, leaving a fresh, lively …

Collagen Facial
$75 (70 min)

Hydrating - Whitening - Moisturizing - Anti - Wrinkle - Oil Control…

Anti - Aging Facial
$90 (85 min)

Anti-Aging Facial focuses on high-performance ingredients and treatment to exfoliate and plump up the skin. As we age, our skin gets thinner and dryer. It loses collagen, which gives it a thick, plump appearance, and elastin, which makes it snap back quickly. Enjoy Neck – Shoulder - Head massage.

Facial for Body. It exfoliates and hydrates your skin, leaving it smooth …

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